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Kope Kon Racquet Club


The Kope Kon Racquet Club (KKRC) is a private facility established for members who love playing tennis and pickle ball.

• KKRC is comprised of 16 Lake George families and open to new members • Playing surface was reconditioned in the spring of 2022

• The Club is located on the Michigan side of Lake George on Kope Kon Road

• The courts are open from sunrise to sunset during spring, summer and fall • Two tennis courts are available with a tennis ball machine and a practice wall

• Four pickle ball courts can be setup for play to accommodate up to 16 players

• Occasionally KKRC members offer introductory group pickle ball lessons and organize “open” sessions to encourage participants and new members

• If you are interested in playing at KKRC or would like more information about the club, please contact Scott Rhode ( at (248) 982-4689 or Mohan Rao ( at (260) 437-4388