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Safety and Regulations

At Lake George, there’s nothing more important than the continued safety of our residents.

Lake George has over 500 property-owners in addition to non-residents accessing the lake from public access. It is the goal of the LGCA that every laker returns home safely after an enjoyable day on the water. To help us achieve that goal, we have the Lake George Patrol, headed by Sheriff’s Deputy, Paul Schlatter. Working along with other law-enforcement agencies, the goal of our Patrol is to enforce the laws of Indiana and Michigan in addition to rules and regulations specific to Lake George.

LGCA dues help cover the cost of our patrol boat and equipment. As a result of our diligent education efforts, conscientious cottagers, and enforcement of lake-specific rules by our dedicated Patrol, Lake George is one of the safest “big” lakes in the country. As cottagers, we need to work every day to help keep our lake safe!!

Paul Schlatter


Emergency: Dial 911

Steuben County Sheriff’s Department: (260) 665-3131

Branch County Sherriff’s Department: (517) 278-2325

Lake George Patrol (Paul Schlatter): (419) 351-6195

Laws Specific to Lake George:

Fishing:  Residents of Indiana and Michigan are only required to purchase a license issued by the State in which they maintain residence to fish the entire waters of Lake George.  Residents of all other states must purchase both an Indiana and Michigan License to fish the entire lake or remain in the waters located in the state in which they hold a license.

Boating:  The operation of speed boats is only permitted from 10:00 a.m to 6:30 p.m. daily in order to give fishermen an opportunity to enjoy the sport throughout the remaining hours of the day or night.  In addition, the Law provides that:

1. A powerboat cannot be operated within 200 feet of the shoreline in Indiana and within 100 feet of the nearest obstacle in Michigan (Pier, swim raft).

2. It is unlawful to operate a powered vehicle from 6:30 p.m. to 10:00 a.m. at a speed in excess of 10 miles per hour or producing white water.

3. All motor-powered craft must be properly lighted for night operation.  Powered craft must remain outside of the buoys erected to protect spawning and fishing grounds at all times unless approaching the shore for docking, which operation is to be accomplished at minimum speed.

4. All motor-powered craft is to operate in a counter-clockwise direction of travel.

5. The registration must be in all powered crafts at all times.

For life jacket/flotation device regulations and all other laws, see state laws for both Indiana and Michigan.

The Handbook of Indiana Boating Laws and Responsibilities

Michigan Harbors Guide