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Inland Cat Class Sailing Association

ICCSA Regtta
The ICCSA has been in existence since 1957. The boats were designed and built by Norm Bell and John Larimore who were brothers-in-law and who resided on Lake George. This group is very willing to assist interested parties in learning to sail. Races occur every other Saturday and a one day Regatta is on the schedule. There are parties after each race where you can learn to know other residents of the lake as well as learning more about racing. If you are interested in learning to sail and/or race, contact any fleet member.
June 3                        1:30 PM
June 17                      1:30 PM
July 8                         1:30 PM
July 22   Regatta    9:30 AM
August 5                  1:30 PM
August 19                1:30 PM


2022 Regatta Winners and Crew, L to R:
Jonathan Larimore and Chandler Larimore (3rd), Chris Oler and Molly Oler (1st), Nathan Larimore and Brennan Stabb (2nd), Nancy Stiefel and Jack Stiefel (4th)
Regatta Winners 2022

Regatta 2022

Officers for 2022:
Commodore: Karen Barile
V. Commodore: Julie Zinsser
Treasurer: Denny Mahuren
Season 2022 Winners
L to R:  –1st Place Cup Fleet, –1st Place Gold Fleet, –2nd Place Gold Fleet, –3rd Place Gold Fleet
2023 Schedule
June 3                       1:30 PM
June 17                     1:30 PM
jJuly 8                       1:30 PM
July 22   Regatta   9:30 AM
August 5                 1:30 PM
August 19               1:30 PM
Left: 2022 Frankhouser Award Winner–
Jonathan Larimore